Who Knows What’s Going On Around Here?

Find the people who really know what’s going on in your organisation and cultivate good relationships with them. Who are they? Probably not the ones everyone expects.

Look at those who aren’t necessarily in the position of power: the school custodian who sees everyone’s rooms and all the kids and teachers around the place, the CEO’s Executive Assistant who keeps on top of what’s happening everywhere, the old foreman that everyone goes to to find out how to really get something done well.

Ask them, close your mouth and listen.

(C) Peter J. McLean www.petermclean.co

Slow to Move, Slow to Benefit

There are multiple organisations and businesses with which I am working that are very slow to move on opportunities. It’s not endemic to any one industry nor to any one profession or background. And it’s harming them – they are losing momentum, losing the value of the moment, losing their energy and commitment as they stifle in vacillation.

Bureaucracy is as much a mindset as it is a system.


The Buck Stops Here – or does it?

If you are leading, you will make errors of judgement. There is no way around it.

Although our political leaders often try to render the appearance that they have not made errors, instead blaming others in some way, it’s vital that in your organisation you own your mistakes. If you don’t, you’ll foster a culture that hides mistakes, ignores data, defers and deletes, instead of facing the truth.

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